Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival 2017: What You Said

Here are comments from those who attended the second annual Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival, collected through surveys on the grounds during the event.

“Great day for jazz. I love jazz, something different.”

“Love the community and talent showcase.”

“This concert helped make our vacation a memorable one. Thank you!”

“The show was good. First time.”

“Good experience, seeing people come together for fun.”

“Nice opportunity to hear bands, as well as local school children.”

“Love jazz. Thanks for providing this event. Brings people of different cultures together. Nice of you to provide chairs to those who didn’t bring their own.”

“First time attending. Very nice. I will be attending in 2018.”

“I brought my young sons, and thought the venue was family-friendly, the food options were tasty, and reasonably priced, and the restrooms were surprisingly clean.”

“The festival was wonderful.”

“This is what Myrtle Beach needs.”

“Thanks for hosting a positive event.”

“Enjoyed the festival. Please continue annually.”

“This is my first attendance to this festival, and I really enjoy this. This definitely won’t be my last one.”

“Great event. Awesome time to be in Myrtle Beach.”

“Don’t stop doing what you are doing.”

“Very pleasant atmosphere.”

“Great to get the community united.”

“Wonderful time! Please, let’s do it again.”

“Great event. Came last night night and today. Thanks for the entertainment.”

“First year attending. Excellent family event. Great job!”

“We enjoyed ourselves. We look forward to 2018.”

“Really enjoyed the festival. Looking forward to next year. Will invite friends to come.”

“Everything was great – the food, the location, the weather, the music. This was my second year. Look forward to next year, if I’m above ground.”

“This needs to continue. Excellent job!”

“Great music. Thanks for having us.”

“Thank you for bringing such great talent to Myrtle Beach. Keep up the good work.”

“So excited to see the jazz festival in our community.”

“I think this is something positive for the people in the area.”

“Enjoyed the whole weekend.”

“Awesome experience!”

“Awesome festival. Will return next year.”

“Very good. Keep up the good work.”

“Great community event.”

“Love what I see – music, atmosphere and food.”

“Everything was wonderful. I’m excited about the jazz festival in Myrtle Beach. I will come every year.”

“Continue the event. Love it!”

“Better than last year … and last year was great!”

“Enjoyed the whole weekend.”

“Very nice event. Truly enjoyed it.”

“Love the music. The jazz festival has great potential. This was awesome, and the music was enjoyable. Great job, Mickey!”