Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival Will Return for Second Year

By Christel Bell, WMBF.

Organizers are calling 2016’s first annual Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival a huge success, and plans are in the works to bring the event back – but they are making changes to make it bigger and better.

Last year, the streets of the Booker T. Washington area of Myrtle Beach was filled with people, nearly 4,000 to be exact, that showed up for the Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival. Greg James, Chairman of the Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival, says the huge turnout was not expected.

“I think we were kind of overwhelmed last year; we really didn’t expect it to be that many people, and for them to show up the way they did,” James said. “We really expect it to be a lot of people this year, we’re aiming for about 10,000.”

James’ father, Mickey James, President of the Myrtle Beach NAACP, created the event as a way to help revitalize the Booker T. Washington area. However, James says they are bringing the festival back this year, and instead of a one-day event, it will now be a three-day festival – and at a new location.

James added, “It’s actually going to be three days and its going to be where old mall site, where Myrtle Square Mall used to be.”

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